Отель Courmayeur, Отель Svizzero, Ресторан Courmayeur, Оздоровительный центр Courmayeur
Отель Svizzero оставляет за собой право потребовать залог, который не может быть менее чем один день пребывания, может быть оплачен банковским переводом, почтовым переводом и кредитной картой, или быть
гарантирован кредитной картой.
Полная оплата должна быть сделана на check-in, по прибытии.

Если иное не оговорено, применяются следующие правила.
Подтверждение бронирования производится после получения депозита в размере
40% от общей стоимости проживания, оплаченного или гарантированного кредитной
В случае отказа:
- Не менее чем за один месяц до прибытия: депозит будет возвращен в полном объеме.
- Не менее чем за пятнадцать дней до прибытия: депозит, будет удержан в размере 50% (20% от общей суммы);
- Не менее чем за семь дней до прибытия: депозит, будет удержан в размере 80% (32% от общей суммы);
- Менее чем за семь дней до прибытия: депозит будет удержан полностью (40% от общей суммы).

В случае не прибытия (NO SHOW) будет снята сумма, равная одному дню с сервисом как забронированно (например, полупансион, полный пансион) и только оплата номера для всех оставшихся дней.
В случае полупансиона или полного пансиона, деньги за несъеденные блюда не будут возвращены.
Аннулирование должно быть сделано в письменной форме: в противном случае, является недействительным и клиент будет считаться NO SHOW.
Сокращение времени пребывания не освобождает клиента от оплаты всего забронированного срока.


Art. 1 – Conclusion of the contract 
1. The contract between the hotelier and the guest is concluded once the guest, after acceptance of the request on the part of the hotelier, confirms the booking, by letter, fax, e-mail or similar. 
2. It is common practice for hoteliers to request a confirmation deposit of up to a maximum of 30% of the price of the booked services.
3. For bookings guaranteed by credit card, the cardholder may generally book at the hotel belonging to the scheme by providing his/her card details. 
4. Credit card guarantees are governed, as regards the hotels in the scheme, guests and issuers of credit cards, by the regulations that make up the specific agreement signed by the hotelier with companies specialising in international credit card management. 
5. Without guarantees, cheques, travel agency vouchers and credit cards may not be accepted, at the discretion of the hotelier. 

Art. 2 – Contract duration and conditions 
1. Unless a longer duration has been explicitly agreed upon and duly documented, the duration of contract is one day. 
2. Guests who intend to renew the contract must notify the hotelier in time; in all cases, renewal will be dependent on the decision of the hotelier. 
3. Guests may generally occupy their rooms after 2 p.m., unless a different agreement has been reached in advance with the hotelier.
4. Rooms booked in person, by telephone, fax or e-mail will, unless otherwise agreed with the hotelier in advance, be held for guests until 6 p.m. on the expected date of arrival. Rooms which a deposit has been paid for or which another type of guarantee has been provided for will be held until 10 a.m. on the day following the expected date of arrival. Delays in occupying the room do not entitle guests to extend their stay beyond the booked period. 
5. Guests must vacate their rooms by 11 a.m. on the date of departure. Failure to do so will entitle the hotelier to charge for an extra day. Guests may in all cases leave their luggage, free of charge, in an area provided by the hotelier, for up to half a day, and in any case until no later than 10 p.m. 
6. In the event the hotelier - for causes that may not be attributed to force majeure – is unable to comply with the terms of the contract entered into, s/he shall offer the guest similar accommodation in another facility of the same or superior category, paying any difference required. If the hotelier is unable to find alternative accommodation, the guest is entitled to reimbursement of twice the amount of the confirmation deposit, without prejudice to the right to request further damages.
7. If the guest does not accept the alternative accommodation offered as per the previous paragraph, the hotelier shall return the confirmation deposit. 
8. Guests undertake to occupy the rooms compliant with the requisites specified in the contract, which have been booked for them for the number of people and for the agreed period. 
9. If the guest withdraws from the contract before the date of arrival, the hotelier is entitled to claim compensation equal to the price of the accommodation for the days the room is not occupied, upon demonstration of the damage suffered, or, if s/he has received a confirmation deposit, to withhold the full amount thereof.  
10. If the guest does not occupy the room/s booked on the indicated date of arrival, the hotelier is entitled to charge for the accommodation that has not been used.
11. If the guest leaves before the agreed date, without good reason, the hotelier may charge for the accommodation for the booked days, upon demonstration of the damage suffered, less the amount corresponding to the total or partial occupation of the vacated room, where applicable. 
12. Where a justified reason for early departure is duly documented, the hotelier’s request for compensation may not exceed the price of the three-night accommodation. 
13. Where guests have no luggage, or for bookings that have not been guaranteed by credit card, the hotelier may request payment of the services in advance. 

Art. 3 – The Guest’s Rights and Duties 
1. The usage of the hotel’s service determines payment of the related prices, as per the price list affixed in the hotel’s reception area. 
2. Any discounts or concessions to which guests believe they are entitled shall be made known immediately and may not be used in combination with other discounts or concessions. 
3. Guests sent by travel agents shall be granted only the discounts or concessions previously agreed with the travel agents themselves. Thus, such guests shall not be entitled to receive any refunds or reductions in relation to promotions or discounts offered by the hotelier. 
4. Guests shall not be allowed to prepare meals in their rooms, use washing, ironing, heating or similar equipment, or make any other unapproved use of the hotel’s electrical power. The above prohibition does not include CE-compliant electric razors, hairdryers, mobile phone chargers and personal computer chargers, provided that they are equipped with the appropriate adaptors, as required. 
5. Guests needing cots and/or highchairs for babies and children below 3 years of age shall inform the hotelier at the time of booking. Should they fail to do so, the hotelier may not be held liable for any bad service deriving from such failure. 
6. Guests wishing to bring an animal with them shall inform the hotelier at the time of booking. Only domestic animals can be admitted into the hotel, subject to specific authorisation by the hotelier and possible payment of a fee, which shall be notified to and agreed by the guest in advance. In any case, animals admitted into the hotel may not linger in communal areas, unless specifically permitted, nor may they be taken into the breakfast or restaurant areas, with the exception of guide dogs assisting visually-impaired individuals. Guests shall keep their animals in their rooms, in such a way as not to cause disturbance or damage to the hotel facilities or any one third party. When outside their rooms, all dogs shall wear muzzles. Guests shall be held liable for any injury or damage caused by their animals to persons or property.
7. Guests shall advise the hotelier of any equipment which could cause damage to the hotel or to any one third party and shall use such equipment exclusively in the areas made available by the hotelier for such purpose. 
8. Guests shall not be permitted to bring food or beverages into the hotel for consumption purposes. 

Art. 4 – Full/Half Board
1. The term “full board” refers to accommodation plus breakfast, lunch and dinner; “half board” refers to accommodation plus breakfast plus one other meal (usually dinner). 
2. Prices agreed upon for meals generally exclude drinks and any extras. 
3. Meals must be consumed on the premises and at the times indicated by the hotelier; meals served in the rooms, where this service is available, may be subject to an extra charge. 
4. Meals that have not been consumed, for whatever reason, do not entitle guests to a discount, unless half board has been agreed upon in advance. 
5. Guests wishing to book full-board or half-board accommodation must notify the hotelier upon booking, or at the latest, upon arrival. 

Art. 5 – Extra Beds
1. The price charged for a single room in which an extra bed has been added, upon the guest’s explicit request and in order to meet a specific requirement of the same, shall not exceed the rate charged for a twin room. If the extra bed is added in a twin room, an additional percentage may be charged only provided that it has been declared in advance. 
2. Individual guests, who, due to the unavailability of single rooms, occupy twin rooms by themselves shall be charged the rate stated for single rooms. 
3. Individual guests who willingly decide to occupy twin rooms by themselves are normally charged an additional fee which shall not exceed the rate stated for double rooms.

Art. 6 – Lost and Found
1. Any and all items found in the hotel shall be handed over to management, who shall keep them for a period of twelve months.

Art. 7 – Protection of Quality
1. In order to safeguard the quality of the services provided to guests, it is customary not to grant discounts or concessions which cut down the maximum price stated by more than 50%.
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