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Hotel Svizzero is located a stone’s throw from the historic centre of Courmayeur and offers an unforgettable stay in an exclusive and comfortable hotel. The elegant environment faithfully recreates the common art of our land and creates a warm and welcoming environment.

Hotel Svizzero, established immediately after the Second World War as a typical Swiss chalet, has undergone change as well as careful restoration: informatics needs, maximum security and soundproofing have not compromised the tradition
or the beauty.

All the woodwork (used for the roof, floors, internal and external restructuring, furnishing and internal doors) has been recovered from the pre-existing hotel or from old Alpine residences, as have the stones of the walls, the internal and external flooring, the internal walls and the stairs.

The furnishing, which uses original pieces or artisan pieces, faithfully reproduces the common art of our land and creates a warm and welcoming environment.
Furnishing and others beautiful objects that you see and use in hotel, you can buy it: ask for DONATA, the owner / director.
The management and ownership has always rested with the same family of valley dwellers, now to their third generation.

From the Hotel Svizzero, you can take in the beautiful view of Dente del Gigante (the Giant’s Tooth) and the characteristic village of Dolonne.
Due to typical environment and food, at the hotel has been attributed the brand Saveurs du Val d'Aoste.
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