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Wellness center
The wellness center, which combines rusticity, elegance and design, is composed of sauna, hammam and relaxation area, 200 m2 solarium in wood with jacuzzi, as well as a feature room reserved for massages.
One entrance costs € 20.
Tea, infusions and fruits available.
The wellness center opens from 15.00 to 20.00; the customer must reserve one hour before his entrance, not after 17.00.
The wellness center can be located privately by maximum 8 people all together for the opening hours and from 10.00 to 12.30 or until 24.00 at € 150.

Our kind masseuse is available daily, better in the afternoon. The reservation must be made at the reception before 19:00 the previous day.

PRICELIST OF MASSAGES (susceptible to variations according to the type)
Prices (indicative) of massages are:
50 minutes = € 80
25 minutes = € 40
Relaxing (all body)
Sporting Decontracting
Swedish Classic (not invading, all body)
It is planned the expansion of the relaxation area with the realization of the pool.

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